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How do our interventions work?

Our assignments in 5 stages

01. Analysis of the demand

This first stage is primordial. After one or several meetings, we carry out a very precise analysis of your needs and objectives, the context, and the history/background of your relationships with your partners.

02. Presentation of assignment project

Secondly, we present you with a detailed and budgeted assignment project: profile of the VISIT FOR YOU team member, resources used, planned schedule and time-frame, aims and information to be collected, identification of the contacts to be made, presentation format of the results of the assignment.

03. Preparation of the assignment

Thirdly, we always prepare the assignment in close coordination with you: we establish contact jointly with you, ensure that the interested parties are in agreement with the assignment, collect information prior to the assignment, organise logistics, use an inter-cultural approach, carry out a profile analysis of the people to be contacted.

04. Assignment

The fourth phase corresponds to the operation of the assignment, which involves constant interaction with you: initial assessment, collecting data, visits, analysis, writing the assignment report.

05. Assignment report

At the fifth and final stage, we present you with the resultsof our assignment in accordance with the agreed time-frame and methods.

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