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Thanks to our network of French delegates as well as our network of contact people based mainly in Europe, Africa and Mauritius, we propose several different types of assignment with regard to the following skills: Visits, Sourcing & Wellness Management

With the current global public health situation, digital transformation, digitisation, globalisation, working from home and the re-skilling revolution,

It is necessary to:

  • Maintain a linkwith your internal and external partners while managing every-day business
  • Ensure repeat orders and the continuation of your activity in times of crisis
  • Manage your image risk (supplier work conditions, storage conditions, remote working conditions…)
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the companies in your ecosystem.
  • Have a flexible, forward-thinking outlook.
  • Remain visible

To achieve this, the VISIT FOR YOU teams based in France and abroad propose:

  • Carrying out visits for you, to see a supplier, a franchisee, a competitor, a distributor, an employee, a site, a trade fair…
  • Identifying new contacts (purchasing sourcing, co-exporting, HR sourcing)
  • Collecting data(photos, samples, figures, documents etc)
  • Responding to a concern (establishing a confirmation or a refutal by a personalised study prior to an audit
image visites


With our visiting assignments, we travel for you and bring back factual, visual information: a report on a situation, a confirmation, we can dismiss a doubt you might have or prove something to the contrary.
We also propose gathering and bringing back diverse information (photos, videos, facts and figures, samples, documents…)
Our visiting assignments also enable you to create or maintain a personal contact with your most geographically distant collaborators.

We offer you a betterviewpoint and better visibility.


Visiting suppliers

Consistency check with commitments, stock conditions, work conditions, securing delivery timelines, monitoring sub-contracting, collecting samples


Ensuring a franchise charter is respected

Visit and monitoring of points of sale in a franchise, mystery shopping,
performance monitoring, reporting back on franchisee needs (training, material, maintenance work…)


Visiting clients in geographically distant places

Checking that the product implementation policy is being applied by a distributor, checking delivery conformity, studying the evolution of expectations and needs


Competitor monitoring

Product, distribution network, scouting for alternative offers (indirect competitors)


Site visits

Pre-implantation study (buildings, offices, resorts, products), location scouting for photo and film shoots, real estate searches


Visits to trade shows

Collecting targeted information, making contacts, scouting for suppliers.

Participating in events where you wish to be represented (festivals, trade shows)

image visites


In accordance with your instructions, we can identify, contact and evaluate potential new suppliers or sub-contractors. Visiting overseas trade shows is another interesting possibility. These services can be provided in addition to a visiting assignment to see your current suppliers.

Wellness Consulting

Thanks to individual in-person meetings with your posted or remote workers, we help you to better anticipate the needs and expectations of your teams, to find out about their true working conditions and to evaluate the risks.
Face-to-face meetings give a real guarantee of loyalty, motivation and mobilisation from your remote workers.


A physical link with posted workers

ex-pats or employees who are remote working from home (incentives, check-ups, mobilisation, information)


Collecting information

Evolution of needs, emerging expectations, problems met, remote working conditions